Target Bronx Community Garden

Next Meeting in the Garden Saturday September 10 at 10am

General Info

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The Facebook group for the garden is here:

The general NYRP Events Calendar can be found here:

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Garden Contact List:

There is a google group for corresponding with all members. If you don't receive those emails, please contact us at ( to have yourself added to the group.

General Garden Email:

Garden Coordinator



Hilda, Suzanne

Garden Manager



Electronic Things: Brad



Additional Contacts:

NYRP Director for Community Engagement

NYRP Contact person - Jessica North

Open Hours:


MON: 5p-7

TUES: 10a-12

WED: 10a-12

THU: 2p-3

FRI: 11a-12

SAT: 11a-12



LUNES: 5p-7

MARTES: 10a-12


JUEVES: 2p-3

VIERNES: 11a-12

SABADO: 11a-12


Other Announcements:

  • Next Member Garden Meeting is Sept 10 at 10am in the garden

  • Minutes from previous meetings are archived here.

  • Current bed distribution, as best as I can tell, is available here.

  • If you want to host an event in the garden, please contact the coordinators and fill out the garden event request form below!

  • The Calendar below lists garden events, meetings, etc. If you would like access, please email me (address above).

  • I've embedded a google drive folder below that we can use to share images of the garden. If you have shots you'd like to include, just email them to me.

  • Garden Ready-to-Go guide from NYRP is available here.


Info from NYRP

Info from Green Thumb

Greenthumb is leading a pruning workshop for anyone interested. Deadline April 17, workshop in May. Link here:

Greenthumb Grow Together Conference, May 7, 10-1. Free tickets and more info:

Additional GreenThumb workshops and events:

Did you miss some of their past webinars and are interested in learning more about that topic? Did you miss our great keynote speakers on Earth Day? They are now available to watch online here:

Coronavirus NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guides: To help connect community members in need with food resources during this challenging time, the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center is constantly updating Coronavirus NYC Food Resource Guides for each NYC neighborhood. Each resource guide includes information related to food access within the community, such as meals for students and seniors during this time, delivery services for people with disabilities, and resources for immigrants. Resource guides will be published and updated as rapidly as possible, in order of the NYC neighborhoods most impacted by poverty and food insecurity. For more information, visit:

GrowNYC COVID-19 Schedule Changes & Resources: Most Greenmarkets and some Farmstand locations are open and operating on schedule, changes to the schedule are listed here. In addition, many Greenmarket producers are offering a variety of ways to purchase their products, from allowing customers to pre-order and pick up at a market, to direct home delivery and shipping products from their online stores. All of that information is available in one place at GrowNYC Greenmarket Alternative Sales Directory 2020. For more information, visit:

Food and Agriculture Anti-Racism Resources: FoodTech Connect compiled this list of resources to help with better understanding systemic racism in the food system. They also included Black- owned farms, businesses and organizations to support. Learn more.

Congratulations to Dian for her Prize-winning floral arrangement! First place at the annual NYC Greenthumb Harvest Fest!

Brag Book - Do you have photos of the Garden/Events/Awesome things you've grown that you'd like to share? Email me and I'll put them in the folder below for all to see!


Click below to view our agreed upon guidelines for hosting events. Please read before you sign. If you would like changes or amendments, please bring suggestions to next meeting for group modification.